Fresh air and outdoors helps balance indoor time, but is rarely enough when dampness amd mould are i
Get information and support for making wise decisions.

Your environment matters. Your health matters.

People who are experiencing health issues related to their indoor environment face two frequent challenges:  

1. Being dismissed; and

2. Finding credible information

environmental health coaching supports you with:

decision making, choices, empathy, understanding, and coaching through evidence-based information


your family


  • Empowered choices and decision making
  • Understanding new information
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Incorporating guidance from your Naturopath or Functional Medicine Physician
  • Navigating conflicting information

indoor air and house maintenance to improve health


your family


  • Understanding remediation
  • Asking the right questions
  • Reducing indoor toxin and toxicant exposure
  • Guidance around testing your home
  • Cleaning and maintaining your home to reduce risks of dampness and water damage

family choices to reduce environmental illness and improve health

your family

your family

your family

  • Evidence-based information around environmental health risks 
  • Parenting with chronic environmental health concerns
  • Navigating relationships and sharing information
  • Prioritizing demands
  • Child development and schooling challenges


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Easy as 1, 2, 3

C$ 250.00
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(Value: $375).   Video/telephone coaching provides evidence-based information and support for environmental health and your home.  Three one hour coaching sessions by phone or video link  allow us to identify the issues, make a plan of action, and begin to put it in motion.  

Above all, environmental health coaching is about going from

Overwhelm and Confusion...

Navigating environmental health choices can be challenging.  Navigating environmental illness can be downright overwhelming.  Conflicting information and advice that ranges from "everything is fine" to "abandon your house" can make it difficult to know what advice is credible and what decisions best fit your family's situation.  Occupational therapy for environmental health means receiving empathetic support  from a health professional who appreciates the challenges and can help you navigate the decisions that need to be made to improve your indoor environment and health.

...To Empathy and Understanding

Environmental health coaching means receiving empathetic support  from a health practitioner who appreciates the challenges and can help you navigate the decisions that need to be made to improve your indoor environment and health.  

Environmental Health from a canadian perspective

Resources and support for illness caused by damp environmentss is more widely available in the United States.  However, accessing care and support is important in navigating this area of environmenttal health.  Environmental health coaching from provides a Canadian perspective, and services a


Eco Mama course (Save $150 until Sept 30)

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This 7 module course, "Seven Ways to Make a Healthy Home" is evidence based and geared towards achievable small changes for improving health at home.  Sign up for the Environmental Health Coach newsletter to save $150 on this course.


Eco-mama course (Save $50 until Oct 15)

C$ 149.00
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This 7-module course provides you with simple actions and manageable choices to improve indoor health.  Topics include healthy air, healthy food, healthy water, cleaning house, home maintenance, outdoor air, and good clean dirt.  Early bird fee of $149 is available until October 6th.   Course begins November 2, 2019.


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